You will find Aircraft, Skins, Scenery, Missions and pictures of everything we use in our game portfolio, plus a lot of utilities including the famous MCR and EURO screenshot tool. Use the buttons on the top to easily navigate through the site. If you have problems or questions or feel that you want credit for something in here, pls send a mail to:

The filemaster


It has been decided to open up the public part of this site and allow downloads on almost everything. This is for the benefit of the whole flightsim community, but before you go any further, please take a minute and read this through:

The downloads in here are not to be used in any way contrary to the rules adapted by the flightsim community and adhered to by the FFF.

The EURO group does not fly anything altered to gain advantage over any opponent. We don't have to.

Please respect the fact that nothing in here can be flown in a stock only game, unless repaints are accepted by the host. All the stock planes in here are just repaints and nothing else. However you can also find lots of good stuff to have fun with if agreed upon and used by everyone in the game.

We ask you also to respect the restrictions applied to certain planes i.e. The Goldhawk and Silverhawk for CFS are only to be flown online by those awarded with the Gold/Silver Star of courage.

Friends and anyone that asks politely are always welcome to a EURO room and by downloading a few planes you might be able to join the fun.

Note !!!

99% of all EURO files are easy to use self-installing exe's. Should you not have your games installed in the default directory it is easy to change the install path to your needs...

As an officer in EURO you are expected to cope with a great variety of missions. One minute you can be in a furious dogfight with your favourite Hurricane, the next you are flying a jet in a 400 miles navigation in close formation, followed by a landing on the Ark... Or a helo mission. Not to mention the challenge of flying il2, or around the world in a king Air 350.The variety is endless and we have a lot of aircraft and scenery to choose from.

We also have members that create some of the finest virtual aircraft and paintjobs you ever seen. Here are some highly recommended links for you:

Great CFS2 Aircraft